about frostback
frostback is a group private storyline community based around the video games, comic books and novels of dragon age. this specific group is centered around those who are agents within the Inquisition. we are a dedicated group of writers who are interested in not only fans of dragon age, but fans of the time when rp was fun and creative. we are looking for like-minded individuals who want the same. regardless of the size of our little gpsl, frostback is only interested in dedicated members with a friendly and welcoming attitude who want this to go as long as we possibly can. you can expect a lot from this gpsl, as our main goals is to create an environment of threads, interactions and openness that one cannot find anymore.

our main focus is to create an organic based connection through the use of pre-made characters, and a fanbase centered around Dragon Age. at the current moment, we are only looking to fill the premades and no one else. if we fill them all, and are currently active we will open the place up to other positions within the Inquisition. we encourage all members to keep anon turned off in their comment settings to discourage any form of harassment. please report any players that are bullying you. all forms of ic drama are welcome, but as a common rule please avoid ooc drama! be friendly, courteous and open minded. if there is any form of ooc bullying, ic/ooc line-crossing and other such forms of harassment those enacting it will be thrown out of the gpsl and not welcomed back.

if you would like to post threads you have done in your journals within the community, please feel free to do so. but, if you have written adult scenes, do not what so ever post those for everyone to read. no one wants to read it, no one feels comfortable reading it. if you do, you will get a warning and if you continue to violate the rules three times you will be removed.

applying to the gpsl
when applying, please have both an ooc and friend's only post up, and make sure that your ooc post is public so that people can locate information on your character and we can get ahold of you if needed. please backdate these posts to prevent them from cluttering up friends pages. we do require a biography or a blurb of your character. detailed facts on them and who they are/were before joining the inquisition. usernames should either be ooc or ic, indicating some reference to your character. please, do not have a million numbers, underscores and so forth within it.

examples are required. we need a minimum of 2 scene examples and 2 update examples (at least one must be a third person narrative) acceptance into the group is largely based on the quality of these examples, so please submit your best work. please, do not include smut and adult scenes.

activity and interaction
once you've been accepted, we ask that as a form of activity is to participate in at least two threads and one narrative every two weeks. this will change as we get more members, but this is the only way we can make sure you as a writer is up to date and active in the group. the two threads requirement is either a group thread, posted in requisitions or in your journal. if you submit the thread requirement in your journal, please make sure we can see it.

if you'd like to introduce yourself, create a form of storylines please go here and comment on this post. we would ask that all who comment on this post to track it and comment on each new member that is joining us.