Inquisition Agents


The Alchemist

Casteless Dwarf

Former prisoner of the Vinmark Mountains, they were a nobody who cleared out tunnels for the Carta and not important enough to know the truth about why nor who they were. A rather excellent bomb maker. View Journal

The Arcane Warrior

Dalish Elf

When magical abilities surfaced, began training to as the Clan's Keeper's apprentice. Heard tales of an ancient order of mystical warriors and pursued these tales instead of becoming the Keeper's first. View Journal

The Archer

Human/City Elf

Survivor of the Wilds. Raised by the Dalish, rescued from bandits and taught everything they knew. View Journal

The Assassin

Human/City Elf

Trained from birth to be a weapon, often used as a bodyguard or an assassin by various employers. View Journal

The Duelist

Human/City Elf

Born in Rivain, their history is a rather large mess of death, thefts and in the end lots of promiscuous activities. They are quite good with their hands, well known among the raider community. View Journal

The Elementalist

Human/City Elf

One of first Mages in Ostwick tower to take up the flag of rebellion. Horrified by the abuses they saw in Kirkwall, embracing the cause with fervent idealism and with very little sense of its practical costs. View Journal

The Hunter


From the Free Marches, served as a solider for the Ansburg army, quickly finding a knack for stealth and reconnaissance. Very valuable as a scout, whose information resulted in very successful campaigns. Eventually moved to Orlais where they joined the Inquisition. View Journal

The Katari


Once a member of the Antaam, became disillusioned with the Qun after spending a great deal of time living in the Human Lands. Fleeing their commanders, found it difficult to find their own way after years of following orders. Finding the Inquisition was a sign of the Qun. View Journal

The Keeper

Dalish Elf

Chosen to be the Keeper's First at the age of nine, they take their charge very seriously. Viewed by others as thoughtful and focused. Very determined to seek justice and to get things done. View Journal

The Legionnaire


Volunteer for the Legion of the Dead, they are a highly regarded warrior of Orzammar. As a result of the alliance between the Dwarven King and the Inquisition, they now fight on the surface against Thedas' greatest threats. View Journal

The Necromancer


Raised in Nevarra by a Mortalitasi Mage, was brought up to revel in their magical abilities. Feels no kinship with the other mages who do not share their pride. Has little disdain for most other people. Goal: To uncover their true potential as a mage. View Journal

The Reaver


A Disciple of Andraste living in Haven, fled the mountains after the Hero of Ferelden discovered its location. Spent years drinking dragon's blood and fighting members of the Chantry. After the conclave was destroyed they joined the reformed Inquisition. View Journal

The Saarebas


Quanari who was training to become a member of the faith when their magic manifested. Learned to serve the Qun as a Saarebas, with their lips sewn shut and actions monitored; living a dutiful life and allied themselves with the Inquisition. View Journal

The Silent Sister

Female Dwarf

A member of the Silent Sisters of Orzammar, whom are an order of zealous female dwarven warriors. Joined the Inquisition as a way to battle against endless enemies, accepting exile and loss of her caste due her choice. View Journal

The Templar


A noble from Starkhaven and a recent initiate into the Templars, were about to take their vows before the circles rebelled and the order split from the Chantry. Left the templar order to stay loyal to the Divine. After her death, joined the Inquisition. View Journal

The Virtuoso

Human/City Elf

A household name in Orlais, played for packed auditoriums of nobility and commoners alike. But when the circles rebelled, their templar manager, tried to kill them. Lived in Cumberland for years, unable to get a gig until they joined the Inquisition. View Journal